How we are making a difference

We are committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Global Goals and impacting the UN Goal #3 Good Health and Wellbeing. We are also a corporate member of the European Network for Workplace Health Promotion in order to promote good workplace health practice.

We are working to drive meaningful change through collaborative projects that impact health. We work with our clients to improve wellbeing at the workplace level, and connect it to drive change at the Global level. Every time we complete a project with a client, we make a donation to a high impact project through our partnership with B1G1.  


Case Study

Employee Wellbeing & Remote Working

The workplace is changing; it is suggested that 17% of the UK labour force now work remotely one day a week or more detached from place. With remote working becoming more widely accepted across UK business’ it is considered to have both advantages, and disadvantages to both employer and employee. See how we worked with a Government endorsed ‘not for profit’ social enterprise to understand the impact of remote working on their workforce.

Case Study

Organisational Data Blue Print

Workplace wellbeing is changing, but informing your decsion making with data has never been more important. See how we worked with a large organisation to support them extract the right data to inform their wellbeing agenda and wider health improvement plan.


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