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The transfer of training, developing our wellbeing leaders.

When we consider enhancing the effectiveness of people at work, most of us at some point in our careers will have experienced workplace training. Unsurprisingly, many of us have quite possibly failed to implement the training. Essentially, we haven't transferred the training.

Training transfer considers the retention and use in practice of the learned knowledge, skills, behaviours and attitudes.

Whilst organisational training is relatively common practice and essential in our modern ways of work. An angle we don’t tend to see as much focus on, is the development of our leaders behaviours that foster wellbeing in their teams. As such, leadership development interventions are an exciting angle to explore from the perspective of Occupational Health Psychology. Put simply, how do we develop leaders that foster wellbeing focused behaviours in our teams.

Whilst the content of the training is clearly important, so too is the transfer of the training and the evolution that a trainee will experience as they develop (or not) through the delivered training. Interestingly, research suggested that seventy percent of trainees lost momentum with transferring training a year after an intervention. In addition, there isn’t a lot of research exploring the transfer of training in the context of leadership development.

Here’s some pointers for you to explore

  • Consider the conditions of transfer, individual characteristics, the design of the training and the work environment.

  • Consider the predictor variables, motivation of the trainee, learning outcomes and developing a supportive transfer climate.

  • Look to further your understanding of the why and how of the training and not just on the outcome. I.e when and how to measure the development of the individual as they evolve through the training.

  • Transfer may decay over time, think about post-training self-efficacy and onward maintenance, and use of the learning outcomes.

Organisations need to consider how we enable the trainee to transfer the training. Whilst we clearly have some work to do in understanding the transfer of leadership development interventions, this does present a great opportunity to enhance our future leaders' wellbeing behaviours.

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