Back in 2019, I was travelling out of London on my daily commute. This was about a 4 hour round trip, it was always a long trip, but good in the sense that I had plenty of time to finish off my studies. After 10 years in corporate health and wellbeing, I thought I'd built up a rather good experience base of how wellbeing was managed in the corporate world, which in essence was often significant investment into promotion and treatment pathways. However, the further engrossed I got with the studies and research, I quickly started to detach from what we were doing (not because it was wrong), but in the sense that it missed what I felt was a major chance to improve peoples quality of life, through the focus of peoples real needs. 

Throughout 2020, Optimera grew from an idea, to finding our way as a platform to help shape a better wellbeing and people experience at work. We now spend our time combining practical insight with Occupational Health Psychology research to share with leaders and teams to help them better understand employee experience and wellbeing at work. 

To do this, we focus on. 

Connecting you to wellbeing insights, that helps you create better wellbeing and people experiences at the team level. Our content is focused on  developing you and your teams!

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