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There is a plain and simple reason why we decided to build this web site. We were casually looking through Google results for search engine optimisation, and realised that all our competitors are that focused on ranking highly, they seem to have lost the main focus of a website - good looks and user experience. Have a read about how Optimera could help improve your online business and, ultimately, your profit margin through double bespoke search engine optimisation.

Domain name

The first thing to consider when looking into a website redesign for optimisation purposes is your current domain name, its current search engine history and whether or not it stands a good chance of ranking or positioning well in the likes of Google, Yahoo and MSN. There is no point having a leading search engine optimisation company design you the most robot and real visitor web site if there is a fundamental flaw with your domain name.


Believe it or not, but web site hosting also plays a factor in search engine optimisation, and it can effectively make or break your Internet business and positioning in Google especially. Whether you received free hosting with the build of your website, use the company that you registered your URL through or have opted for the cheapest option you could find, the server plays a pivotal role in your search engine optimisation. There are many facets to optimised hosting.


It is common knowledge that keyword or key phrase selection is paramount to an effective SEO campaign. The basis of any good search engine optimisation campaign is understanding the basics of keywords search in any engine and the optimisation of these into your web site. However, the biggest mistake made by our competitors is thinking the most generic keyword is the money phrase.

Our analytic way of research and thinking can dispel myths in you keyword selection.



There is nothing worse, as a searcher, in finding a web site by using a search engine, then realising the information on that website is gobbledygook. It is plain to see that the specific web page has had optimisation done, or content written as spider bait. Whilst these pages may rank high, the chances of conversion are very low. Optimera's content writing is two fold optimisation, one for search engines and once for real visitors. Finest structured content.


A neglected important facet of search engine optimisation is the actual website navigation. If a site cannot be easily indexed by search engine spiders, it may take longer for the search engine robots to catalogue the information on your site. There are now several ways to make sure the important spiders can crawl your site easily to store and index your information and Optimera, on the forefront of web site optimisation use the best website navigation.

Link building

Once you have got the key factors of on page search engine optimisation in place, serious time and effort has to be placed into your link building. Quite simply you need as many static links to point into your website as possible. There are other key factors involved such as the relevancy of the web page carrying your link, how the popular search engines view and rate that page, and the anchor text or keywords used all combine in effective link building.

Smart analytics

Google is THE search engine for traffic generation. It seriously out performs all other UK portals hands down and believe it or not the do want your website to succeed. This is why their website tracking, 'Google Analytics' is by far the single undisputed leader in tracking your sites performance and statistics and is the preferred method of statistic building with Optimera's search engine optimisation packages. Track visitors to point of sale with smart analytics.








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